Who will be accepted into our agency?

Members of the studio brands that are part of the RSG Group GmbH may send their application to McFIT MODELS. Based on your potential and abilities the booking team decides on whether to enter you into the agency’s files. As a true sports model agency we and our clients greatly value athletic attractiveness as well as special talents models may have for different sports.

What are the requirements I have to meet?

If you are a member of a studio brand of the RSG Group GmbH and your diligence and discipline in training is at least as great as your talent for modelling, and if you perhaps also have an unusual athletic ability — you’ve already got a good start! There is no upper age limit, but you must be at least 16 years old, and until you are of legal age, you must include a declaration of consent from your parents.

What photos should I upload with my application?

To present yourself optimally to our bookers, it is important that you are easily and clearly recognisable in your pictures. That means your pictures should be illuminated well and of high quality (1-2 MB, file format: JPEG, png). In addition, it’s a good idea to send Polaroids with a solid colour background. For the Polaroids, don’t use make-up, sunglasses, hats or the like. You can find detailed instructions here.

Am I bound exclusively to the agency? Is there a guarantee of jobs?

Neither. Whether you are considered for a job depends on what type and what sport the customer asks for. We cannot predict what your chances are.

What are the costs for me?

There are no enrolment fees or the like, none at all. Any travel expenses for castings are usually your responsibility. For jobs booked directly through the agency, we charge an agency commission. A corresponding percentage is deducted from your fee.

What happens after I send my application?

A team of professional bookers will review your pictures and your information. Within 2-3 weeks we will send you an e-mail, either an acceptance or a rejection. With the e-mail accepting you for entry into our files, you will receive a link for your registration as well as a contract. Next, our team checks whether your registration is complete. As soon as your registration is complete and activated and you have sent us your signed contract, your profile will appear on our website and you will receive a confirmation from us via e-mail.

Who will see my photos and information? Can I edit or delete my profile later?

The following information about you will be visible to the public: your picture, category, first name, your measurements, clothing size, shoe size, hair and eye colour, conspicuous tattoos, piercings (if any), your Instagram account (as influencer) as well as your sports or special skills. All other personal data will not be accessible to the public. You can have your profile edited any time by our McFIT MODELS support team. After the changes have been approved by our support team, they will appear in your profile. If you wish to delete your profile, please contact us via e-mail and we will take care of that for you right away.


Among our talents are first and foremost members who apply with us for the first time. Most of them have little or no shooting experience. Many also do not yet have professional pictures and application materials. But everyone starts small – champions are made, not born!


Our models are experienced McFIT MODELS who are under contract with us and regularly get jobs. Accordingly, they already have their own sed cards and a carefully chosen selection of professional picture and video material. The advantage for our clients: with the potential of almost 2 million sports fan clients of the RSG Group GmbH, McFIT MODELS offers a multifaceted portfolio of new faces and thus a huge breath of fresh air for the industry. The advantage for our models: in contrast to traditional model agencies, we have no minimum size, measurements or age — here every member can turn success in sports into professional success.


This is our category for true competitive athletes – the Champions League! As top athletes at the highest level in their various disciplines, these models outshine any hobby athlete. They are the modern gladiators who thrill the crowds in the stadiums or on social media channels all around the globe. It’s not only Olympic athletes, world, European, and national champions in this category — but all models here are true professional athletes who will make everyone of our customers a true winner.


Here we present all our models with the coolest groove! Dancers with all sorts of different styles, from hip-hop and modern to jazz or ballet. Dancing is true sport that takes some learning, and for our dancers it is more than a hobby. They are absolute pros who turn every motif into a true experience. Let`s dance!


Models who can act or actors and actresses who can model: no matter what direction you’re coming from, this category is where our models with a rare talent for advertising are at home. They can not only stage themselves but have also mastered the full range of the art of acting. Whether with their voice, their whole body, or their facial expressions — they tell stories that stir people’s hearts and minds.